2D Echo Test in Sion

Dr. Tanay Padgaonkar is the Best Doctor for 2D Echo test In Sion. Echocardiogram or generally known as 2D Echo is just a ultrasound image of the heart. It gives definite data about the heart’s construction and capability – including the siphoning capability of the heart along with the capability of the valves in the heart. The innovation utilizes sound waves to make pictures and consequently includes no radiation openness. The crushing capability of the left ventricle (the fundamental siphoning office of the heart) is determined and called the “left ventricular launch part” or LVEF, which assesses the rate of blood shot out from the left ventricle with each heartbeat. The 4 valves in the heart are additionally taken a gander at in close detail to guarantee that they open and close regularly. Some other primary anomalies can likewise be seen and assessed. At times contrast is expected to all the more likely picture the heart. This includes embedding an intravenous and infusing a modest quantity of a difference fluid.

Our Cardiologist Dr. Tanay Padgaonkar will utilize the estimations to decide how your heart is functioning and whether any irregularities are available. A Doppler echo is typically finished at a comparative time to decide anyway the blood streams in your heart. The washing sounds you hear during the test demonstrate blood coursing through the valves and chambers. At our center, we utilize a state of the art ultrasound machine that gives accuracy execution and natural plan and in this way helps in giving you an effective and certain determination. Consult the Best Doctor for 2D Echo test In Sion.

What is the 2D Echo Test used for?

A non-invasive diagnostic procedure called two-dimensional echocardiography can be used to detect various heart abnormalities, including

  1. Cardiomyopathy, a defect in the heart muscle
  2. Ventricular septal defect at birth as well as other congenital heart defects
  3. blockage of arteries causing atherosclerosis
  4. Problems with the left or right heart valve, or both
  5. pericardial pressure or cardiac tamponade
  6. additional septal wall defects. Get the best treatment with Doctor for 2D Echo test In Sion.

How is the 2D Echo test done?

  1. The person to be tested should lie on the examination table with the chest open.
  2. A colorless sound vibration test gel is applied to the chest area.
  3. The technician scans different areas of the chest with the transducer. The gel makes it easier for the transducer to view the heart.
  4. The technician may ask for a different sleeping posture to better assess the situation.
  5. the gel is removed after the examination.
  6. the images can be recorded on a DVD and given to the patient after the results have been evaluated, or they can be viewed on a computer monitor and printed on paper. Visit and consult the best 2d echo test in Sion.

How much time does the 2D Echo test take?

The examination lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. It is always performed in the presence of a radiologist and a cardiologist.

What does the 2D Echo test detect?

Two-dimensional echocardiography is most commonly used to detect the following conditions

  1. Undiagnosed or untreated heart disease.

2. Frequent checks of heart valve function.

3. Hereditary heart disease, blood clots and malignant diseases. Book Appointment for the best doctor for 2d Echo test in Sion.

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